browneyedmami (browneyedmami) wrote in thenicecheerio,

New Contest

I didn't see anything against promotion in the rules so I hope this is ok!

Hey all, I went ahead and made a contest comm for Glee! My friend geeky_ramblings has agreed to be my co-mod.

Every two weeks a prompt will be given in which you are to write a fic based on that prompt using any characters or pairing you wish from the Glee universe. At the end of those two weeks, a voting post with everyone's entries will be put up for you to vote on your favorites! For more contest details, visit the profile.

We will officially open the end of this month on May 31st, but right now we're looking for members and affiliates! So come and join us and if you have a glee-related community let one of us know so we can add you to our list!

Tags: ! promotion
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