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Glee Style: Dress Brittany!

Hi! I'm from gleestyle and we are currently running a 'Dress The Characters' challenge every week during the hiatus, for those characters that are never seen out of uniform. This week's one is Brittany and you can dress her up for a New Years Eve party (and kiss).

The Rules & Info link has further details, with links to the previous challenges and a schedule (because Brittany pops back up again in week 7) - we'd love to have you join in our fun!

WEEK 3 - Brittany: A New Years Eve midnight kiss

Whether Brittany is partying with the other Glee kids at home or they've managed to sneak into a night club for the evening, she is dressed to impress with the intention of locking lips with a certain someone come midnight.

You have until Friday to leave a (screened) comment here with what you'd dress her in for the occasion, after which we'll post a poll where you can vote for your favourite look. Feel free to write any head!canon you have about her style (or who Brittany will be kissing to ring in 2011). Comments will be unscreened when the poll closes and a new challenge is posted next Monday.

Rules & Info | Next Week: Free For All - any Glee character, A Day at the beach

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