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it's brittany...bitch

also i'm more talented than you

stop the violence
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a community for glee's brittany

Welcome to The Nice Cheerio! A fan community for the adorably confused Brittany of FOX's hit show Glee.

Why Brittany?
♥ Because she lost her wheelchair.
♥ Because recipes confuse her.
♥ Because she just doesn't understand anything.
♥ Because she can't tell her left from her right.
♥ Because a ballad is a male duck.
♥ Because there was a duck in the hat.
♥ Because the square root of four is rainbows.
♥ Because Coach Sylvester did not tell her to do this.
♥ Because she is the master of hairography.
♥ Because she kept a bird in her locker.
♥ Because she's certifiably insane.
♥ Because sometimes, she forgets her middle name.
♥ Because dolphins are just gay sharks.
♥ Because when she pulled her hamstring, she went to a misogynist.
♥ Because she thinks her cat's been reading her diary.
♥ Because sometimes she adds a teaspoon of sand.
♥ Because she took all her antibiotics at the same time and now she can't remember how to leave.
♥ Because she's made out with, like, everyone in the school. Girls, boys, Mr. Kidney the janitor...
♥ Because she doesn't know how to turn on a computer.
♥ Because having a perfect record would mean a lot to her.
♥ Because kissing her armpits is a really big turn-on for her.
♥ Because you look terrible. She looks awesome.
♥ Because she is more talented than all of you.
♥ Because it's Brittany...bitch.
... and more!

1. Anything related to Brittany or the actress who plays her, Heather Morris, is welcome here! Icons, videos, fics, articles, interviews - whatever you want!

2. Haters, flamers, and trollers beware. Santana is very protective of her best friend and will not hesitate to cut a bitch.

3. Use an LJ-cut for the following: spoilers, images larger than 400 x 400, icon posts containing more than 3 icons, and long articles or interviews.

4. Remember to tag your posts! There are tags and sub-tags for just about everything. If your post needs a tag that doesn't already exist, just ask and one will be created.

5. Brittany is like glee club's little puppy. She loves everybody. Therefore, do not bash other Glee characters, pairings or cast/crew members.

6. If she asks to copy your Spanish test, you must let her. It's not her fault she just doesn't understand anything.

7. The square root of four is rainbows. Do not try to argue this with her. You will lose.

8. Please do not post any recipes. They confuse her.

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